PLTS Donor Recognition

Throughout the history of PLTS, gifts from generous graduates and friends have been vital to our growth as a beacon seminary of the ELCA located in the West. Our goal is to continue providing an exceptional education to all students who qualify for admission, regardless of their financial circumstances. Your philanthropy has made us a key partner within the Graduate Theological Union (the GTU). Today your support is more important than ever. Every gift is important. Every donor is important. As a donor, your gift has a significant impact on current and future generations of students and church leaders.

We extend our gratitude to you for helping PLTS to fulfill its mission by thinking abundantly, acting boldly, and staying connected. We want to acknowledge and recognize your continued commitment to PLTS. Donors who are recognized for major and planned gifts may well inspire generosity in others. Of course, anonymous donations to the seminary are accepted with confidentiality to the extent allowed by law.

Our most recent annual report is available here.