Health Insurance

All seminarians enrolled full-time at PLTS for 12 or more credit hours (including those on internship) in a certificate or degree program are required to have group major medical insurance coverage.  PLTS offers the following insurance coverage options:

A.  Seminary Plan
The Seminary Seminarian National Health Insurance Program is offered by the eight ELCA seminaries.  Spouse, dependent, and catastrophic coverage may be purchased separately.  For more information, go to

B.  Other Coverage
Those seminarians who are covered by a qualified medical plan may opt out of the Seminary Plan. Qualifying plans include: coverage from a previous employer, coverage provided by a spouse’s employer, MediCal, VA coverage, and coverage provided by a parent’s employer.  Individual coverage purchased by the seminarian does not qualify.

Further information regarding coverage options will be sent to all entering and returning seminarians prior to the beginning of the academic year or first semester of attendance.  Questions may be directed to the PLTS Business Office.