Diaconal Ministry

Diaconal ministers are consecrated lay ministers who focus on service ministry at the intersection of church and world, acting as a bridge between the church and the community. They are generally involved in service ministry within the community. They motivate fellow Christians to join them in service. Diaconal ministers also invite the community into the church. They may serve in traditional forms of service ministry. Diaconal ministers are also creating innovative and pioneering projects to minister in the community.

Diaconal Ministers work to seek wholeness in the world and to help the people of God to live out the Gospel. They are committed to alerting the church to the needs of the world. Diaconal Ministry is a ministry of Word and service, sharing the hope of Christ, helping where there is need, and equipping others for healing and justice in the world. Diaconal Ministers serve through agencies, institutions, and traditional church programs as they build bridges between the church and the world.

Diaconal ministers complete the Masters of Christian Ministry degree.

More information is available on the ELCA web site.